About Singapura

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felisa de Singapura

As its name indicates , Singapura is from Singapore , being an ordinary cat on the streets of Southeast Asian island . This race was remarkable and important in the United States in the ’70s . Now it is a very popular breed due to appearance and temperament , but the number of specimens available is still low .

Singapura is a small cats , one of the lowest in the world. Average weight is 2-3 kg in females and males of 4-5 kg. Despite its delicate, cats of this breed are very strong, have power and a well-developed muscles . Specific features of this breed are very large eyes , almond , big ears and wide , and very short and fine fur of an intense shade of brown on ivory background .

Cats of this breed are very easy to care for , especially because they do not breed-specific health problems . They do not like cold and damp, as appropriate for indoor cats . Singapore coat does not require special care , but a slight brush with a suede coat has a gift to give a lustrous and silky .

As temperament , Singapura is an extremely friendly cat who loves people and showing very high compatibility with children, other cats or other pets. They love to hang around as long as people get involved in all their activities and to always be the center of attention . Their favorite place is on the shoulder of master or highest furniture in the room, so they can look around at height. Although they are very playful and curious , they will not damage the house, being well suited to apartment life .